Tuesday, July 22, 2008

greetings all. The last few days have been very eventful, and buisy along with that. On friday about fourty of the students along with myself went to the mall to see the premier of Batman the Dark Night. On Saturday me and a group of friends I've met while I've been here went and got sushi down in college town which was delicious. Sunday was spent writing a paper about the labor movement in our country and what thinking went into it. The paper consumed the better part of my day. So much os that I had to order out for dinner instead of leaving to go to the dining hall. Monday I got out of class at 11:15 so I had the opportunity to get my homework finished early and relax and hang out the rest of the day which was a nice change in pace from the day filled with work. Today however, we had class from eight thirty to three thirty with an hour break for lunch. We went through the depression and the New Deal, and also had a presenter come in after lunch to talk to us about college applications to the school.
more to come,


Mjawad said...

Hi Jared,

Your class sounds pretty interesting. What did you think of the new deal? How has it touched us today? What a mom right. Just think you are missing out on the house overhaul--Jenya has plans for you. EC city council endorsed parcel tax, and we missed you at that meeting. I miss you and will be happy to see you soon--keep up the good work. I love you.


Mjawad said...

Hi Jared,

Mom again, grams and grampa are with me reading your blog, and I am showing gramp how to "blob" so like Dr. Roeder he may give it a try so keep coming back and checking in.

Charles Ramsey said...


Glad that you are taking a class that would have definitely been right up my alley. I may have to enroll in the class next year.

I love history and every topic that you have covered is interesting to me. The depression, New Deal under President Roosevelt, slavery, the fugitive slave act, compromise of 1850, the industrial revolution, the labor movement, the roaring twenties, are all favorities of mine.

Your sister and mom did a fantastic job describing the need for renewing the parcel tax and telling the council why the district will suffer without the supplemental funds. You would have been proud of seeing the 5-0 vote of the council.

Now is the time to really focus and get the most out of the experience. You now have the chance to compare last year when you had a couple of colleagues with you to this year being our remaining student out on the East Coast.

I would also hope that you would share how second session is different than first session. Your comments will help us decide which session to participate in next year. Let us also know about the professor and how he compares to Kramnick. I am curious about what you have learned from each professor.

Life here in the Bay Area is rather slow although my law practice is running full speed ahead and it is now hard for me to keep up with the blog. My contingent at Brown University is setting the blog on fire and will have over a hundred posts before they leave to come back home. It is amazing to see how much they write on the Ivy League Connection page.

Jared, we are very proud of you for your courage and your commitment to your education. The fact that you were willing to go back to Cornell is eye opening and has given all of us courage to keep moving ahead.

We look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks. Enjoy the balance of your time in Ithaca.

Take care.

Charles T. Ramsey
School Board Member
West Contra Costa
Unified School District

Mjawad said...

Hi Jared,

It was great talking to you today. Remember what I said about writing papers. I yes, I know it's blog not blob--I was tired and trying to teach blog 101. ha ha. Tonight we are meeting at Laurie's to plan part of Dad's celebration. I am leaving the guy stuff up to you and Mr. Reiman wants to meet with you to talk about how the high school can be involved when you get back. Joann is helping me with the El Cerrito High Scholarship your dad wanted for "at risk young men" in order to keep them motivated to go to college..you know dad, this was one of his last wishes. Your room is coming along. I hope your learning all you can, and I can hardly wait to hear about the class and I hope, see some pictures. Jenya and I miss you so do well. And keep in touch.

Love your mom

dongosney said...

Jared⎯Sorry to have abandoned you like I have. You can blame those darned Ladies at Brown. Even though there’s only a half dozen of them, they’re posting night and day so it’s difficult to stay on top of their posts, respond to them and archive them all and still have time for the rest of our ILC people.

Add to the mix that some of us actually have other things to do around home and at work and time can be a precious commodity.

Last Tuesday night I attended the presentation of the Cornell ladies at the Pinole City Council meeting and snapped a couple of photos, went home to do my computer work on the photos and ship them out to all parts of the globe before heading off to SF Airport to pick up Charles and Madeline returning from back east, and then caught the last of the Richmond City Council meeting as they argued about the new Chevron expansion. The following night we continued the Chevron meeting until 2:15 in the AM. Then I had some familial stuff to deal with later in the week when my brother came out from Hawaii for the weekend. Then I had work on the Bond Oversight Committee meeting last night and the Bond Audit Committee meeting on Tuesday.

And every now and again I try to sit and grab a bite to eat [one meal per ay should be enough].

Time can be fleeting, Jared, and the person who learns to master it can rule the world. I’m not that man, of course, but I’m still working on it.

I have to ditto most of what Charles wrote about your class. Not only are the topics of great interest to me but, like Charles, I’m really interested in your comparisons between first and second session. I would really like to read your paper about labor and such (I spent my life as an official of the Plumbers & Steamfitters Union).

As Charles mentioned, the blogging has far exceeded our expectations. By the time we finish, I should have well over 400 pages archived. I’m reformatting each blog entry so it’s a file of its own which should make it easier to store and retrieve when needed. If we can get any of the sponsors even to browse through the pages, it should tell a wonderful story and give them ample evidence of how important it is for them to renew their financial assistance.

I made the mistake of starting the archiving process after it all started and then allowed myself to step away for a day or so and the next thing I knew I had 200-300 blog posts waiting for me. Next year I’ll handle it differently.

You understand, of course, that we’ve become used to reading 15-20 blog posts each day and after this weekend you’ll be the only one left back east so you’ll have to pick up the slack. We have faith in you, though, Jared.