Friday, July 25, 2008

Greetings All,
I'd just like to take some time to apologize again for the scarcity and vagueness of my blog posts. I have had to write and rewrite this paper and then to top it all off I've had to study for my midterm which was today. The second session has been fairly uneventful. The people here are mostly six week students, so they have for the most part set into the groove of things and found the friends that they will be hanging out with for the rest of the summer. The new three week students are pretty standoffish also. I have the benefit of having friends from last session, and also friends from last year. This program, along with giving me an amazing chance at advancing my education, has given the chance to make friends that i will have for the rest of my life.
The class I am currently taking is both challenging and interesting. We delve into the lesser known parts of American history, including the evangelical movement the Azusa Street revival; we study the readings of people such as Eugene Debs(our professor happens to be the world authority on him) Barry Goldwater, and go into the smaller more intricate workings of our democracy.
The day to day experiences are amazing. I've had chances to explore some of the more historic buildings and places on campus; Sage chapel and Andrew D. White Library are just two examples of historic locations on this campus. I have been able to forge and strengthen bonds with some of the best friends I've ever had, and have reconnected with some long lost friends from Ecuador(Ms. O'Brian knows who I'm talking about), and besides that I've been able to experience school in a different environment than I get on the west coast. I truly have fallen in love with this school.
More to come along with some pictures.


Mjawad said...

Hi Jared,

I am here with grampa and grams. We like reading your blogs. Sounds pretty interesting all that you have seen and done, yes I am jealous. I expect a lot of stories. Let's see those pictures sooner then later Ok? I am working on a chart of healthcare costs for the average American through the years of his/her life..exciting stuff huh. Anyway I love you and miss you!


Charles Ramsey said...


I am glad that you have found a home! It is so inspiring to read your insightful posts. I am happy that you are enjoying your time at Cornell.

It is truly a great place. I love American history and you are getting a first hand examination of all that has made America the dynamic place that it is.

Keep us posted and we definitely look forward to the photo's. Don Gosney and now me value a good set of flicks.

Take care.

Charles T. Ramsey

dongosney said...
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dongosney said...

Jared⎯Knowing how bright you are I suspect that you picked up early on the fascination that both Charles and I have with US History and the smaller details like you describe here. That’s why you’re only writing enough to tease us and whet our appetite for more.

I know I’d have a pretty tough choice to make if I had to decide between your class and the Women and Leadership class The Ladies at Brown are taking. I know that even though I majored in theoretical physics while at Cal, the Columbia physics class sounds much too tough for me and the bio-med class that the UPenn gals are taking is WAY out of my league.

I’m impressed at the way you’ve been able to reinsert yourself into the mix when you returned to Cornell. Your comments about the six weekers and the newbie’s are interesting but it seems that you’ve bridged the gap. Well done, Jared.

I know you’re a good boy and don’t need any advice from me about how to relate to your mother but I’m going to throw in my two cents worth anyway: LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER, Jared! Post those photos sooner rather than later. Words are nice but a photo’s worth a thousand words. And the right photo is worth a lot more.

Take care, Jared and remember to have a good time.