Sunday, August 3, 2008

well I've finally arrived back in California after three long weeks. Along with the jet lag comes the lag of everything else. I no longer have to get up and study all day, and I also lose that independence that I had during my time at Cornell. The final was very challenging, but after this is all said and done, I am immensely happy to have had the chance to take this class. The opportunity that the district gave me in sending me back after coming home is more than I can ever thank them for. Charles, you and Madeline have given me something that I can never thank you enough for. You have given me a chance not only to better myself in the way of academia, but as a person in general. I was able to reconnect with friends from last year and last session, and make some new friends along the way. Some of my friends are planning on coming to California some time this month to visit, and some friends from last summer came to visit us this last weekend, which along with being a wonderful surprise was a good way to end my summer. Now that I' m home I plan on picking up where I left off with the parcel tax campaign, and beginning the planning of my father's celebration. Thank you again for all that you've done for me, and I'll try and have those pictures up as soon as possible.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hello all,
well things here are winding down. This weekend i spent eleven hours strait on my final paper, and i am very proud of it. I havent been able to post any photos because I seemed to have lost the cord that connects my phone to my computer so I cant take the pictures off my phone, but i'll be sure to do it as soon as i get home. I have a final exam tomorrow, and I'm starting to stress over it. It's not that I'm scared, but I just don't know what to expect from it. This course has been an interesting one, but I was a little disappointed in my TA. She was inexperienced, and therefore wasn't able to assist us with the text very well. She tried to steer the discussion in her own way, and didn't let us actually argue over topics. Besides that though, I loved the professor. Professor Salvatore was an amazing teacher, and outside of class he was a great man to meet and get to know. He has roots in the Bay Area besides. He was a grad student at CAL for eight years, so we were able to connect on that subject. He gave us a lecture using music yesterday showing the descent that singers over the years have had with our government, and the way that they voiced it. I am both excited and apprehensive to come home, but i can deal with that on saturday.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Greetings All,
I'd just like to take some time to apologize again for the scarcity and vagueness of my blog posts. I have had to write and rewrite this paper and then to top it all off I've had to study for my midterm which was today. The second session has been fairly uneventful. The people here are mostly six week students, so they have for the most part set into the groove of things and found the friends that they will be hanging out with for the rest of the summer. The new three week students are pretty standoffish also. I have the benefit of having friends from last session, and also friends from last year. This program, along with giving me an amazing chance at advancing my education, has given the chance to make friends that i will have for the rest of my life.
The class I am currently taking is both challenging and interesting. We delve into the lesser known parts of American history, including the evangelical movement the Azusa Street revival; we study the readings of people such as Eugene Debs(our professor happens to be the world authority on him) Barry Goldwater, and go into the smaller more intricate workings of our democracy.
The day to day experiences are amazing. I've had chances to explore some of the more historic buildings and places on campus; Sage chapel and Andrew D. White Library are just two examples of historic locations on this campus. I have been able to forge and strengthen bonds with some of the best friends I've ever had, and have reconnected with some long lost friends from Ecuador(Ms. O'Brian knows who I'm talking about), and besides that I've been able to experience school in a different environment than I get on the west coast. I truly have fallen in love with this school.
More to come along with some pictures.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

greetings all. The last few days have been very eventful, and buisy along with that. On friday about fourty of the students along with myself went to the mall to see the premier of Batman the Dark Night. On Saturday me and a group of friends I've met while I've been here went and got sushi down in college town which was delicious. Sunday was spent writing a paper about the labor movement in our country and what thinking went into it. The paper consumed the better part of my day. So much os that I had to order out for dinner instead of leaving to go to the dining hall. Monday I got out of class at 11:15 so I had the opportunity to get my homework finished early and relax and hang out the rest of the day which was a nice change in pace from the day filled with work. Today however, we had class from eight thirty to three thirty with an hour break for lunch. We went through the depression and the New Deal, and also had a presenter come in after lunch to talk to us about college applications to the school.
more to come,

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Reflection - noitcelfeR

Time for my reflection on the Cornell trip....

In the beginning, I wasn't so sure on what was going to happen. I was going to be thousands of miles from home with only a few people I knew and, gee, let me tell you, the thought was pretty scary. But it turned out to be not that bad.

Once I was settled into my dorm room and social activities began, the kids I met and experiences I had were just like home. I began to feel like I've known the people there all my life, like we had years of memories within those three short weeks.

"Wow, three weeks. That's a long time." That was my mentality before I left. Then in the last few days it was "Nooooo!!!!! It was too short! I'm gonna miss everyone!!!" And then we were all shipped off to our own states and countries.

I've only been home for a week, yet I've told the stories of the fun times from the college probably a million times.

Being at the college was just like being in school over back here in Pinole. The course was just like an AP course (most like my AP US History class last year). All the elements were there: a great teacher, a rigorous syllabus, great friends/students, and even some kids that, well, were obviously not all there.

Nonetheless, it feels good to be home. I have forensics camp on Fridays and I start band camp in less than three weeks. I can't wait! (I get to play quads!)

It's good to be back.

'Til next time,

Friday, July 18, 2008

Now it's all clear!

For the last couple of days I have had the chance to reflect on the time I spent back at Cornell University. 
I started doing my own laundry for the third summer in a row, and I also had the opportunity to be in a "real" college class. Unlike at Brown, the class at Cornell was more intense and it showed me the real deal on classes in college. I got to see with my own eyes how intense and competitive students can get to succeed in every way possible, if it means staying up until like 3 in the morning, or distracting others, like a man at the orientation said. Cornellians try to distract others to get to the top. I was beginning to do the same. I guess my Cornellian attitude was starting to show after so much exposure to it. 
Also, I was privileged to compare two Ivy League schools such as Brown and Cornell. I can say that Brown was more towards community oriented and being more about socializing, while on the other hand, Cornell was more competitive and has much larger classes than Brown. I can see myself in either one. I like being in schools where I know I'm not going to get distracted(like Cornell), but I also like being very social and Brown is the perfect fit.  
As I continued with the class, I thought every single day of how I could apply what I learned back at Kennedy. I still reflect on it and meditate how to use it when I start attending school again. Since it's my last year at the 'K' I want to help in every way possible, and help my fellow students. I want to better my high school and better our students, and encourage every single one of them to consider college in their future lives. 
Even though at first I thought of this as something that took my time away, now I know it was something helpful for those who support us and who want to know us and the experiences we have lived for the years we have been with the ILC. 
I am currently working on my personal statement for college, and have begun researching schools I consider applying to. On August 2nd I will be attending a college workshop with a college counselor and it will help me very much in knowing more about colleges and what they look for in college applications and the requirements they have for college admission. 
Back to Cornell, I had a great time. As the other times, I will never forget such opportunity and will always know this was something that has helped me inmany ways. I have gained confidence, and have become more outgoing. I can might as well say these summer programs have shaped most of my personality. Without it I don't know how my persona would differ from what I am now. 
I want to thank the sponsors who read these blogs and stay interested in us. Those who believe we do get something out of these opportunities they make possible. My gratitude is extended to Mr. Charles Ramsey and Ms. Madeline Kronenberg. You have helped me so much and supported me in any way imaginable. Thanks!!!

These HAVE been LIFE-CHANGING experiences!

Best wishes, 

Ana Garibo
Kennedy High '09
The Individual in the Social World
Summer of '08
Hey everyone Jared checking in. The last couple of days have been pretty uneventful. I've been going to class and then studying all day afterwards. We have an average of 70 to 80 pages to read a night of the not so well known activists in American history. After check in last night I played Mafia for about an hour until i went to sleep and then i had to get up at 7 so that i could get to breakfast and then to class on time. More to follow.